Хван Бон-Ган: Создание и защита экологичного проекта

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Based on an extensive investigation on the various problems inherent in green construction projects, Performance and Improvement of Green Construction Projects provides a framework to compare and contrast common problems encountered when managing green construction projects and devising feasible solutions. Performance and Improvement of Green Construction Projects expertly explain the specific characteristics and management approaches of green construction projects, with in-depth comparisons against conventional construction projects. The books present a holistic view on the management strategies and innovations for green construction projects, focusing on the assessment and improvement of green construction projects' management performance in the areas of cost, schedule, quality, safety, risk, productivity and leadership development Addresses performance improvement and project management in green construction projects in view of cost, schedule, safety, quality, risk, productivity, and leadershipClearly explains the obstacles, challenges, and barriers to implementing a green construction projectDiscusses numerous special issues which are inherent in green construction projects from inception to delivery.



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