Куо Йинг-Чао: БиАй. Происхождение архитектурного творчества. 9 модулей для нелинейного интерактивно

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Nature doesn't necessarily mean creativity, yet its diversity and beauty are stunning. We call the mechanism behind this unintended creativity of nature 'BI' – Biological Intelligence. The design and construction of a building is very much like the creation of life. The intention of Biological intelligence (BI) is to understand how life is born, wither, born again, and to follow the principles of evolution so architecture can also enter a sustainable cycle of design, construct, operate, and disassemble and regenerated according to its new condition. The three categories: 'Origin,' 'Form,' and 'Interface' loosely resembles lives' condition of 'Habitat' 'Physical Form' and 'Interaction with outside.' Each category contains three modules; all the nine modules contain elements that architects have been familiar with for thousands of years. They exist as nine toolboxes that architects need and use during the design process – the creation of architecture. 'BI' is a bigger box that holds the nine boxes together. The same way as nature never intends to create anything, most of architecture's great inventions aren't created intentionally. Rather than boosting design creativity, the mechanism we introduce in this book proves to accompany architects strolling through the maze of architecture improving the creation of architecture similarly to how nature creates itself.




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